Construction sector

We are a leading global supplier of large-size and specialized steel structures dedicated to construction sector.

We have significant experience in realization of projects for infrastructural construction sector including steel construction of bridges, railway viaducts and footbridges. All individually designed structures are produced in accordance with the technical documentation.

We also specialize in the production of steel structures for shipbuilding, including ship’s hatches, locks, car ramps or ship elements.

We also construct our structures for the needs of sports facilities, mainly stadiums and entertainment halls, including canopies.

In addition, we prepare our projects for general construction, for which we carry out various constructions of high-rise buildings, halls and warehouses, or individual realizations of public buildings, or industrial construction, where we can boast of experience in manufacturing steel structures of industrial facilities, e.g. refineries, power plants or garbage incinerators.

We also produce unique and complicated projects such as: pipe constructions, fish farms, transmission towers, arched covers and other unusual architectural objects.


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