The policy of the Mostostal Chojnice plant is to put health and safety among the company’s most important goals. Policy, programs and activities are subordinated to their implementation, as well as their integration and cooperation in the above-mentioned areas.

OHS management is a priority for the company. Responsibility for implementing security principles rests with the top management of the Company. All employees of Mostostal Chojnice are expected to be responsible for the implementation of activities specified by the Management Board.

The intention of the Mostostal plant is to conduct an open dialogue with employees and local society. Anticipating and responding to their concerns about risks arising from activities, products, waste and services including those crossing borders and those of external significance to the plant.

Mostostal Chojnice will provide appropriate health and safety information: shareholders, employees, controlling departments and the local community.

All employees of Mostostal Chojnice involved in all processes will be:

  • constantly strive to prevent accidents at work with the vision that all accidents could be avoided
  • focus on health and safety as well as continuous improvement of the working environment and conditions
  • perform all activities applying the principle of safe and hygienic working conditions
  • take active part in continuous improvement of work safety

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