Compliance Policy in Zamet Group

As a stable and mature organization Zamet Group pays special attention to compliance with the principles of ethical business conduct, including: fair trade, conflict of interest, compliance with the embargo, money laundering and terrorist financing regulations. Group also attaches great importance to the prevention of corruption and fraud.

Zamet Group has implemented a procedure to warn of any unethical, dangerous or illegal incidents that is contrary to the public interest, individuals or companies, as well as problems related to accounting or financial matters, corruption, fair competition law, serious damage to the environment or human safety , promotional and sponsorship activities, unethical behavior, data protection or conflict of interest.

In all these areas, the Zamet Group undertakes to constantly raise the awareness of its teams, train them and monitor compliance with the Compliance program that was applied in Group.


Anticorruption code of Zamet Group – read pdf

Mostostal Chojnice supplier code of ethics – read pdf

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