Mostostal Chojnice Steel Construction was created in 1973. In the early years of activity, the main profile of Mostostal Chojnice production were steel structures of halls, public utility buildings and industrial facilities.

In 2004 Mostostal Chojnice was purchased from Mostostal Zabrze by a private KEM company with the place of residence in Dąbrowa Górnicza. In 2010, the majority shareholder of Mostostal was the Cypriot company of Nemotrex Ltd. In June 2011 the company was transferred from Chojnice to Ruda Slaska. In August 2011, the Commercial Court of Law in Gliwice declared liquidation bankruptcy of the company and appointed a liquidator, who leased the organized part of the Mostostal Chojnice company in favor of Stocznia Gdańsk S.A. In the period of the lease by Stocznia Gdansk, the plant in Chojnice operated in trade as a branch of Stocznia Gdansk. Then, in 2013, in the course of the liquidator’s proceedings on the sale of an organized part of the Mostostal Chojnice company, Zamet Industry S.A. – as one of many bidders – made an offer to purchase plant in Chojnice and this offer was selected as the best. Zamet Industry S.A. acquired an organized part of Mostostal Chojnice company in January 2014. From this date, Mostostal Chojnice was included in the structure of Zamet Industry S.A. company with its place of residence in Piotrkow Trybunalski and it functions as a nonresident production plant of the company, not having a separate legal personality and not being a branch. From 2018 Mostostal Chojnice has become a separated company with legal personality that is a part of Zamet SA – holding group that consists of companies manufacturing large-size steel structures, machines and equipment for industry.

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